If you’re an elementary music teacher looking for your people… You’ve found us!

So let’s skip the lecture.

I know you don’t need to hear about #allthethings that have been preached to you since your undergraduate days.

The strategies for lesson planning and classroom management are likely organized in a neat little notebook, ready to copy/paste into your lesson book. The workshop notes are stacked on a shelf, never to be seen again (that is if you could even make it to that Saturday workshop…)

But you’re looking for more than resources. You need less stuff, and more community. And I know you know that having that support system would just make your music teacher life all around so much easier.

I got you.

Introducing An exclusive mentorship community

For elementary music teachers

The Anacrusic Community


PUTS COMMUNITY FIRST. Having a group of like-minded music educators in the same boat is invaluable. It’s the coffee chat I’ve always wished for, and that I wish my student teachers could graduate and join. (…so I created it!)

Asks YOU what resources YOU need. From beginning to end, from June to June, we are going to focus on what will help you be successful in your classroom. What questions you have, and what resources would help

Provides a MUSIC teacher mentor. My life’s work is music pedagogy, and how to make it accessible to teachers. We know that burnout is real… let’s stop it before it starts.

Here's how it breaks down...

This 2 part program takes you through an entire year of community, resources and mentorship to make your music classroom more manageable, and dare I say… magical.

Community + Mentorship

Curated Collaboration

There’s something unique about being in community with other teachers in the same boat. Join an exclusive, private community to ask questions, celebrate your wins, and be in community with other music teachers.

Resources & Workshops

Exclusive Trainings

No pie in the sky lesson plans or challenging repertoire to master. Monthly resources will be create directly by what the community asks for! A few themes are must haves, like the first weeks of school, classroom management, and lesson planning, but this is YOUR mastermind. All topics and trainings are tailor made to YOU.

What makes this program different than all the other TRainings out there?

A Dedicated Music Teacher Mentor.

Generally speaking, most schools provide their new teachers with a teacher mentor. *fingers crossed*

But the odds are, that teacher may not be a music teacher. And after that? You’re generally on your own, in the corner of the building to fend for yourself.

I get it. Been there, played that game.

I promise to share examples, stories, and struggles from my own teaching, without any holding back. I’ll share what led me from those early days to now, and how we can take the short cut to get you feeling comfortable and confident in your own music teacher skin.

The best part? You don’t have to do it alone. Join this community with other music teachers just like you.

So take a breath, buckle up, and let’s do this.

XOXO, Anne

Here’s what you get when you join!

Exclusive Access to the Private Community

Monthly Meetups (Dates TBD with Group Members*)

Master Classes & Resource Guides

…a few surprises along the way 🙂

The Anacrusic Community

Inspiration, Mentorship, Support, & Curated PD


every month

Access to Music Teacher Community

Community Collaboration & Mentorship

Monthly Meetups

Curated Trainings & Resources

…and some surprises along the way!

What You might be wondering before joining...

It is. It’s so busy. And it can also be lonely. I know first hand how helpful it can be to have a place to decompress and ask for feedback. That’s exactly what this community is for.

It’s here for you when you need it, however much you need it. Want to post in the community everyday? Great! Want to lurk and take it in a couple times a month? Beautiful. Looking forward to diving into every resource head first? Jump on it. Want to only snag the resources that are most appealing to you? You do you boo.

There are no rules. This membership is made for YOU. And I know you’ll be glad you have it when you need it.

I get it. An extra expense each month isn’t nothing.

I’ve been in the professional development game for a while, and a community based PD community of this time, exclusively for music teachers, particularly at this price point is rare.

In the age of membership fees, union dues, and inflation, one more thing is a lot. But I also know that this group will be invaluable to you. This is the group I’ve wished for myself.

If you need documentation to submit to your school organization, I’ll happily work with you to make it happen!