Hey Music Teacher!

Are you looking for the secret sauce for your weekly Lesson Planning? This is the system for you.

Every Monday, with Starbucks in hand, music teachers are walking on air as they move toward their classrooms. They know that when they get to their desks, they have beautifully created lesson plans ready to go for the week. Their lessons are engaging and exciting, and they still have time for their families on the weekend.

But what about you??

If you feel like you spend way too much time inside of your plannign book, not sure what in the world to teach to third grade or how to even structure a lesson…

Then keep reading.

Because what I’m about to share with you can 100% be the change you need. When you take a peek back to right now, you’ll wonder how you ever got through the year without a planning system.

But first…

I have a question for you.

I’m sure you’ve been asked a time or two, and you’ve probably even done the asking yourself. And sometimes it feels completely saturated with judgement before you’ve even thought about your response.

Everyone is trying to figure out where they stand by comparing themselves to one another, as if our entire worth as a music teacher is wrapped up in a number…

So what’s the question?

How many hours do you spend planning?

I mean, what are we supposed to say?

I can’t even keep track I was at school so late.

That, right there, is what I used to say. I took pride in the fact that my car was the first one in the parking lot and the last one to leave. And if it wasn’t, that surely didn’t mean I was done working for the day. At home, I was surrounded by notebooks and post it notes on my bedroom floor trying to craft the perfect lesson.

But friends, spending more time IN your lesson planning does NOT determine the quality of your music teaching.

I never questioned the magic you make in your classroom for a moment. No matter how the plannign is going right now. You’ve got everything it takes to harness your creativity, allowing your kids to be their most musical selves, and to finally use systems and processes that streamline your lesson planning.

Then you can focus on being the teacher musician you were meant to be. And actually have a moment to BREATHE.

THE 3 REASONS you haven't perfected your planning process.

You grab your cup of coffee, add a little cream, sit down at your desk, and just sit.

The books are spread out across the floor, the desk, the piano, full of post it notes and marked up with highlighters. And your lesson plan is empty.

If you feel totally lost when you bust open your music lesson planner, you are not alone. The writer’s block you feel isn’t for any lack of ideas or musical inspiration.

You just don’t know how to organize it…yet.

The magic pill is a process. A system for how you organize your lessons, a fail-proof way to nail your learning target, and a method to picking the perfect songs and activities for each lesson.

Your music teacher bestie has the most beautiful lesson plans.

When you sit in on her class, the kids are completely mesmerized by every word or note out of her mouth–which are few and far between, because they kids are the ones doing all the music making.

You wish that you come make that magic happen, but you have no idea how to structure a lesson.

You want–no need, what she has.

What you need is a flexible template. One that you can drag and drop for any concept that you teach. A loose structure that makes it insanely easy to plan each week.

When you finally get to pen to paper, it’s aimless.

Your kids did that one thing last week, so they could probably do the next thing this week, and maybe next week we’ll move on to something else.

Nothing follows, it feels erratic, and doesn’t have the intention that you long for… for both you and your kids.

Your lessons feel like single events in time, instead of the purposefulsequential, and joyful curriculum you long for.

The catalyst for change is here. A no stress, natural way to assess your students. A way to take their temperature each and every week, so you know exactly where they need to go next.

Let’s get real for a hot minute.

You have a ton of kids to teach. You likely have 4, 5, 6 different grade levels you need to prep for on a weekly basis, for 1 or 2 lessons… or even more!! That could be as many as 12 different lessons every week.

And without a system, a template, or a PLAN in place? I mean, no wonder you are overwhelmed and exhausted!

Let’s make a change. Together.

I’m here to offer you the process to toss the glasses aside and put on your superman cape, once and for all.

I’ve made it my mission to help music teachers realize they can have the most beautiful, meaningful, and musical lesson plans in all the land, without spending hours sitting in front of a blank computer screen.

A SYSTEM to completely streamline your weekly planning, so you can stop being the last car parked in the faculty lot.

A TEMPLATE to make everything plug and play, so you can plan more effectively and efficiently, without hours and hours at your desk.

And a PLAN that makes crafting the perfect lesson plan on autopilot, so you can finally feel like you know exactly what comes next, without ever putting pen to paper.

You can make intentional planning a joyful part of your Teacher musician Life right now.

Introducing The 3-Part system to simply and streamline your weekly lesson planning

I’ve taken everything I’ve discovered from teaching in the music classroom and working with music teachers and created a comprehensive, step-by-step formula that teaches you the framework you need to develop the music curriculum of your dreams.

Purposeful planning isn’t just another fluffy resource to put on the shelf. It’s an integral process that will change the way you approach planning and teaching.

You’ll learn how to prep, teach, and reflect on a lesson to plan to feel confident in what you’re planning next. No more aimless activity here or there. Everything will lead from one activity to the next, from one week to another.

The end result: A lesson planning process that saves you a TON of time and helps you be more purposeful, sequential, and joyful each and every week.

Purposeful Planning


Covers the entire planning process. From beginning to end, from creating a lesson template and gathering resources to planning for weekly assessments, with absolutely nothing left out.

Gives real, kid and teacher tested examples. You won’t be slammed with a bunch of theory and the left to sift through it all on your own later. With each module, there are examples of real activities and lessons I’ve used with children.

Takes the guesswork out of WHAT to do. This system is completely step by step. We’re talking templates, song examples, and even a few done-for-you lesson plans with resources included to try out the method and commit to the madness.

Here's how it breaks down...

This self-paced course takes you through the 3 part system to make lesson planning simple. Each module has action steps and done for you resources, so you can drag and drop and slowly make the process your own.

Module One


We start at the very beginning, creating and solidifying systems to help you be more efficient and effective with  your planning and teaching time, leaving more for you.

Module TWO


Wonder what an actual lesson looks like? This is hwere we’re getting into the nitty gritty, with concrete examples for each and every portion of your ideal music lesson. Your kids (and you!) won’t be able to wait for next week!

Module THREE


This is where we figure out if they “get” it. Assessment is the key to showing us wher we’ve come from and where we should go next. And it’s not as scary as you might think! This module breaks it down into simple steps.

You get INSTANT ACCESS to all 3 modules as soon as you register!

This course is 100% go at your own pace! Binge through it Netflix style, or take your time over the next couple of weeks to really let it all soak in. Either way, you have LIFETIME access to all content and updates.

But wait. There's more.

As a lifetime member of Purposeful Planning, you also get access to these EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM BONUSES


Your course access includes a special member area to share ideas, ask questions, and celebrate winning moments. Community is where the magic happens, so dive in and work together.

Templates, resources, and lesson plans

Templates for daily and weekly lesson plans, as well talk throughs to explain how to make them work best for you. And seeing is believing, so I include some real examples of plans I've used in my classroom, with all the supplementary resources you need to drag and drop!

My Best Selling Learning Targets

We talk about targets and objectives in great detail throughout the course, but writing meaningful objectives is tricky! Never fear friend, you know have all the behavioral objectives you need for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Reality check.

I know this program will give you all the tools you need to transform your planning process, saving time and being more intentional each and every week.

This is the process I’ve been using, and teaching others to use, for over a decade. Teachers have implemented the steps and systems inside this course and seen immediate effects in their time management and planning mindset.

After a full 30 days inside the course & community, if you don’t feel like your lesson planning is on its way to being completely transofrmed, and you’ve taken all the action steps in the course, simply reach out and your registration fee will be refunded.

BUT… I’m pretty confident you’ll see immediate and continuous growth in your music teacher life. The small investment you put in up front will pay off every day, week, month, and YEAR that you walk into your music classroom.

When you register today, You’ll get

3 Instructional Modules

Showing you literally everything you need to simplify and streamline your lesson planning. We’ll alternate the how with action steps, so you can take it all in and then immediately implement all of your new ideas.

A Complete, Step-by-Step Process

Everything you need to transform your planning process is inside this program. This proven strategy is completely fleshed out, with no guesswork, no music teacher left behind. You can follow along and fill in the blanks as you go.

Real Life Examples & Resources

Kid tested, teacher approved examples for how I’ve made this work in my own classroom. I’m sharing a TON of my personally created resources to help make everything crystal clear.


Don't forget about these exclusive bonuses

Bonus #1: Members Only Community

Bonus #2: Templates, Resources, & Lesson Plans

Bonus #3: Kindergarten & First Grade Learning Targets

PLUS: Lifetime Access to All Updates, Upgrades, & Additions

(Because teaching is time bound, situational, and always changing.)

Purposeful Planning

self-paced course with community support


one time payment

LIFETIME ACCESS to Purposeful Planning

Community support + accountability

Templates, Lesson Plans, & Bonus Resources!

Hey y’all, I’m Anne.

…and I was right where you are.

I used to be completely stuck. I felt like I had so many good ideas, but I had no idea where to start. Nothing belonged in an order, nothing had a purpose, and I didn’t have any time for myself.

But over time, through trainings, and treating my classrooms as my laboratory, I’ve discovered the perfect lesson planning process for music making with kids. One that provide structure, bu with room to breathe and grow.

Good music teaching is sequntial, active, and excited for both teachers and students. Inside Purposeful Planning, I share my process for simplifying and streamlining the planning process. No more being the first car in the parking lot, or the last to leave.

Purposeful Planning

self-paced course with community support


one time payment

LIFETIME ACCESS to Purposeful Planning

Community support + accountability

Templates, Lesson Plans, & Bonus Resources!