Hi, I'm Anne.

I help music teachers create active music making experiences for their students through professional development, mentorship, and community.

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From the Community

I'm so thankful for Anne and all the work she puts into helping her fellow music teachers! Her podcast is so informative and fun. I always walk away with something to use the very next day in my class. Thank you Anne!

Kami Nelson

Thank you for reminding me it's not just about meeting the standard or the objective but LOVING what I'm teaching and sharing my love & excitement for music with my students! It has made a difference not only in my teaching but in my happiness too.

Maggie Snyder

My teaching has completely changed for the better. I feel like I was a good teacher before, but I struggled to find ways to make connections with my students. They are absolutely loving the flow of class and student engagement has increased drastically.

Jennifer Timidaiski