I had rejected everything I had ever known in terms of my identity as a musician. And I pretty much quit cold Turkey doing all the music things, and it just didn’t work. It didn’t jive.

Anne Mileski

We’re baaaack…

In this episode of TAP, I set the stage for the official relaunch by telling you my story. Unscripted, completely conversational, totally the authentic Anne story. You’ll hear all about how I changed my mind about a million times, and why I’m glad I did.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What I really went to college for.
  • What divine interventions opened my eyes to what music education really looks like.
  • What my teacher told me that helped me realize it was OK to change my mind… again.
  • One of my favorite moments in the classroom.
  • Where I am now, and why.

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