What we do each and every day as music educators can be so incredibly taxing… if we let it. Today I’m talking about why and how I set intentions, and giving you some action steps to try today.

This is the Episode I almost didn’t publish.

I wasn’t sure how relevant or valuable it was, it didn’t seem super linear in my thinking or speaking… because #spoileralert, my goal with this podcast is not to read from a sheet of paper. I have my topic and my bullet points, but I’m legit just talking to you like you’re my friend. Cause you are. So if there’s ever an episode that’s indicative of how Anne talks #IRL, this is it.

In this episode, I’ll chat about:

  • -What I consider and think on when setting intentions for the school year.
  • -My morning routine.
  • -The steps I take when I’m anticipating a stressful class or interaction with a colleague.

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