Teaching is time bound, situational and always changing, but good teaching is good teaching. And having those foundations in place is absolutely essential to stay grounded in good teaching.

Anne Mileski

Okay, real talk… do you feel like you have this lesson planning thing completely mastered? There’s no doubt that whether you just started teaching this year, or you’ve been doing this for what feels like a thousand, I’ll bet you’re looking for a few tips to shape up and refresh your teaching practice.
Well, this past weekend, I did a series of free workshops called, “the ultimate music lesson planning roadmap” and inside of that workshop I shared the 4 pillars to completely simplify and streamline your music lesson planning once and for all… with a not so little bonus at the end.
I absolutely adore giving workshops like this and sharing with members of the music teacher community, but there’s a good chance that a few of you either missed the workshop or just couldn’t seem to make it work. And since it’s been a while since I’ve done this particular workshop, and I’m not 100% when I”ll do it again. I wanted to share just a quick rundown of some of the things that we talked about.

Here’s what I’m sharing in today’s episode…

(1) the 4 planning pillars that make magic happen in the music room

(2) a not-so-little bonus tip that ties it all together

(3) how you can make this process your own, right now