Knowing HOW to teach is almost or as much of a baffling thing as knowing WHAT to teach.

Anne Mileski

Riddle me this: have you ever had a conversation with another teacher and tried to explain what you really do in your music classroom day in or day out? Or have you ever tried to really use words to describe the types of experiences that you facilitate in your classroom? It’s not easy to put into words. It’s something that is almost exclusively indescribable, unless you’ve experienced it yourself.

There’s so much that goes into what we do as teacher musicians, and not a whole lot of it is easy. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. So in this week’s episode of The Anacrusic Podcast, we’re talking about the 4 hardest things about being a music teacher.

Here’s a few things I share on today’s episode

(1) the sticking points in your #musicteacherlife

(2) why remembering why you teach is so important

(3) how to find out more about how to get passed the tricky parts about being a music teacher


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