The idea of scripting is to write out what you would say to your students, and a possible student response, so that you can think of every single every little step and scaffold you would use to effectively teach your students throughout the lesson.

Anne Mileski

I recently received a piece of feedback  that “scripting wasn’t working for them.” they felt like trying to create exactly what they would say in front of a group of students without actually being in front of that group felt really in authentic and not right.
My response was, “well of course not.” You would never want to read a prescribed script to your students in your classroom. That would not allow for the opportunity to change things on the fly, take feedback from your students, and change things accordingly… But also, that’s not really on the point of scripting. It’s not about giving you your lines for Tuesday at 9:00. It’s something a bit more nuanced.
Today on the podcast, I’m talking about what scripting is and isn’t, and why you might want to give it a try.


Here’s a few things we talk about on today’s episode

(1) What is scripting, and why should you do it even if you’ve been teaching for MANY years?

(2) How scripting actually allows for more student successes, rather than being tied into a prescriptive sequence.

(3) What to script today to make your lesson more successful.

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