It’s important to know where those natural stopping points are. There’s a good chance that we won’t get through everything we want to accomplish in one class session. For the sake of knowing where those landmarks are, it’s important to break down those essential skills that you want your kids to know.

Anne Mileski

Something that I consistently hear from both practicing teachers and student teachers alike is “what is the best way to break down activities over multiple lessons?” It feels a little like you should be able to just sing the song and play the game. And yes, absolutely that is the goal for our students! But what if it’s something a little more advanced, or we simply want to stretch the good stuff over multiple lessons?

Here’s a few things we talk about on today’s episode

(1) What exactly is a lesson segment and why is it even a thing in lesson planning?

(2) How to find natural stopping points by identifying the different music making skills for your students within the activity.

(3)A complete example using Tideo so you can start implementing this right away!

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