It’s important to know where those natural stopping points are. There’s a good chance that we won’t get through everything we want to accomplish in one class session. For the sake of knowing where those landmarks are, it’s important to break down those essential skills that you want your kids to know.

Anne Mileski

Ostinato is not just a concept on your curriculum map to check off… in fact, it’s much like all of the other things listed on that curriculum, it comes back again and again! But ostinati are special. They are not only a pathway to partwork, they are also opportunities for student choice, creativity, and independent musicianship.

Here’s a few things we talk about on today’s episode

(1) The easiest way to extract and create an ostinato with a game you’re already doing in your classroom.

(2) How to highlight a rhythmic or melodic concept while also creating opportunities for student choice.

(3)How to use ostinati as a scaffold for improvisation

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