On this episode of The Anacrusic Podcast, I’m talking to my good friend Shelley Tomich all about how to get started with ukulele in the music classroom. Today on TAP, we’ll talk about:

  • Why you should be using ukulele with your students
  • Ideas and resources to purchase ukuleles in your classroom
  • What a ukulele curriculum looks like
  • How assessment works with ukulele
  • And lots of other fun tips and tricks from the ukulele queen herself!

Make sure to check out Shelley’s website and resources for all things ukulele! Click below for all of the goodness!!

Shelley’s Website | Rainbow Ukulele Facebook Group | Rainbow Ukulele Curriculum | Rainbow Ukulele Free Starter Kit | Shelley’s Blogs on Ukulele | Seesaw | Donors Choose | Music Crew Collaborative Facebook Group


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