Welcome to the kickoff to Season 2 of The Anacrusic Podcast! Today on TAP is an episode all about learning sequences, a topic that has been a recent passion project of mine. Not sure what learning sequences are? You are 100% in the right place, because today I’m unpacking all of that for you.

What I love about using learning sequences is that it’s not a method, or a prescription for the exact things you need to do in your class. It’s a framework for how to effectively facilitate instruction for your students so that they can be the most musical they can possibly be. It has nothing to do with a set of activities or required media by which to teach specific concepts, but rather a process that lives and breathes and allows for the flexibility on the part of the teacher to make decisions that will pave the best path for their students.

Check out my recent blog post–>  5 Benefits of Learning Sequences in Elementary Music. If you want more information about how to effectively sequence instruction in the ways that I’ve talked about today, stay tuned, because I’m working on a super special project I’m going to be sharing in the coming weeks.


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