Today on the podcast, I’m putting all four active music making approaches we’ve been discussing into the framework of a learning sequence. Kodály-inspired teaching, Orff-Schulwerk, Dalcroze Eurhtyhmics, and Gordon Music Learning Theory all have the common goal of music fluency. Since all the pathways are sequential, I’m breaking down my definition of a learning sequence from each pedagogical perspective, to shed light on how I interpret these different approaches and the tools they bring to my teaching practice.

Good teaching is good teaching. Regardless of approach, media, or repertoire, as long as your teaching ispurposeful, sequential, and joyful, you are likely doing everything your children need and more. Thank you for being an intentional teacher! Please note, this document is not intended to be a comprehensive explanation of different pedagogical approaches. This is simply my experience, and how I have assimilated the information and education I have received. I encourage you to take specific training courses to draw your own conclusions and adapt these pedagogical approaches your own way to your classroom!


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