I believe we are all teacher musicians, and we are called to share music with the world. And the way we can best do that is by making meaningful musical experiences with kids. I believe each child is inherently musical, and it’s our job to help them become their most musical self through exploration and different modes of active music making. And I believe that good teaching is good teaching. And good teaching is about finding the purpose, following a sequence, and choosing joy. Each and every day. Each and every lesson. 

Anne Mileski

Today on The Anacrusic Podcast, we are kicking off season 6 with a little mindset refresh. This is the perfect time to reframe our teaching practice and get grounded on what the rest of 2020 and 2021 are going to look, feel, and mostly think like for us.

Here are some things I mention on today’s episode:

(1) My journey with virtual youth chorus (it’s not all sunshine and rainbows…)

(2) Why I regect the idea of “covid Babies” or “covid Teachers”

(3) How to find joy in the margins

Want to grab a copy of the book I mentioned in today’s episode? Click here for Emily Ley’s “Grace, Not Perfection.” (affiliate link)

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