Here’s the truth: teaching music is hard. You have a ton of kids to teach, and not a lot of free time to figure out how. But my entire music teacher life changed the moment I chose intentional teaching and developed this framework.

Anne Mileski

If I could count the number of times I’ve been influenced on Instagram… oh boy. There’s a reason that influencer marketing is so effective. We can see the change in people’s lives, see how they can be transformed… whether we’re talking about a new vacuum cleaner or a meal delivery service.
Why is this important? Because I could tell you about a million different times, a million different ways how The Sequencing Solution can totally transform your music teacher life. But until you hear it from other community members firsthand, who have used this system and seen massive results in their teaching, it won’t make sense.
Today on The Anacrusic Podcast, I’m sharing a conversation I had in June with two community members of The Sequencing Solution.

Here’s what we discuss on today’s episode: 

(1) The importance of community

(2) What being a member of The Sequencing Solution has done for their classrooms

(3) How YOU can truly get unstuck and start choosing intentional teaching